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PowerPoint Presentations


  1. Videoclips in Seizure Mimickers (07/08/85), 18th International Congress on Pediatrics, (TUMS), Imam's Hall.

  2. Bruxism Powerpoint Handout (14/08/85), after morning report short lecture, Children's Hospital Medical Center.

  3. Bruxism Parental Guide (14/08/85)

  4. Sleep in the Pediatric Practice (24/08/85), 3rd Congress on Sleep Disorders, Imam's Hall.

  5. Evoked Potentials in Pediatric Practice (25/08/85), 2nd Seasonal Meeting of Iranian Child Neurology Society, Khatam Hospital.

  6. Video-EEG Monitoring in Childhood Epilepsy (08/09/85), 3rd Congress on Epilepsy, Imam's Hall.

  7. Headache in Children (01/09/91), Medical Students, Children's Medical Center Auditorium Hall.

  8. Cerebral Palsy (01/09/91), Medical Students, Children's Medical Center Auditorium Hall.

  9. Floppy Infant (29/10/91), Pediatricians' CME Program, Pediatricians' Society of Iran Auditorium.

  10. Normal Variants in Pediatric EEG (September 2012 to January 2013), Children's Medical Center.

  11. Mental Retardation in Children (November 2013), Children's Medical Center.

  12. Artifacts in Pediatric EEG (August-November 2013), Children's Medical Center.

  13. Artifacts Quize for Fellows (1st December 2013) Children's Medical Center.

  14. Newborn EEG (December 2013- February 2014), Children's Medical Center.

  15. EDX in Floppy Children (27th February 2014), 12th Congress on Rare Diseases in Children, Tehran.

  16. Newborn EEG Quize for Fellows (2nd March 2014), Children's Medical Center.

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